For any Order volume, the cost of mineral diesel stock is reduced proportionally with the ratio of biodiesel blended in. Meanwhile, the blending ratio in the biodiesel guarantees a proportionate gain in the fuel efficiency of the fleet, due to the      contributed by the biofuel.

In the case of 20,000 litres of blended B10 Eco-BiodieselTM, the cost of this fuel during February’19 amounts to R263,764, which represents a saving of R2,000 from the equivalent cost of plain diesel.

Furthermore, due to its superior combustion property, this fuel delivers a minimum guaranteed saving of 5%, which equates to 1000 litres of the fuel that would have cost of R13,088.20 during February’19. Consequently, the gross savings yield due to the use of blended Eco-BiodieselTM B10 at 20,000 litres per Order amounts to R15,088.20. At this level of savings, the “virtual” price of the fuel consumed is equivalent to R12.43/litre, which corresponds to a benefit of 75c/lit on the price of plain diesel during February’19.

* Based on Gauteng Feb'19 WLP for 50ppm diesel = c1319/Lit, assuming 0 c/lit differential on WLP (negotiable); and B100 base cost = R12.00/Lit

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