Our selling price for blended biodiesel is pegged onto the wholesale list price (WLP) of 50ppm diesel from the nearest point of uplift, less any qualifying discount on the WLP based on Order volume and frequency.

The table below shows our illustrative prices (before discounts) of the various blends ranging from plain diesel (B0) to pure Eco-BiodieselTM (B100). In the case of B10 Eco-BiodieselTM, the delivered price ex: Gauteng during Febuary’19 is R13.07/Lit, which represents a saving of 12c/lit on the regular price of diesel 50ppm.

* Based on Gauteng Feb'19 WLP for 50ppm diesel = c1319/Lit, assuming 0 c/lit

differential on WLP (negotiable); and B100 base cost = R12.00/Lit

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